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World Cup 2014

Discussion in 'League Openings' started by Michael Woodward, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    If you haven't heard already, we are running a World Cup for Fifa 13 on the Xbox 360 console. We have 29, possibly 30 people down. We would really like to get to 32 to run a full on world cup, otherwise we may have to count some people out because the numbers are not right for a tourney like this at 29 or 30. Is anyone interested in joining and filling the gap?

    -It is 10 minute halves, slow gameplay, manual controls. If you are worried about manual, you are only committed for 3 games if you do poorly so it's not like you are stuck with an 18 game season or anything. It might be a nice little trial to see how you like manual with low risk. We have a good mix of experience and beginners in the tournament so it should be fun and interesting.
    -You are not limited to Fifa international teams. You can be any country in the world and I will create them and add them to the tourney. Or if you want your own international selections and don't want to be stuck with whoever is on the game's version of that international team, you can submit me a list of your 23 and I will put them on your team. We have Zambia, Ghana, Senegal, and Japan in the World Cup so far and none of them are on Fifa. In other words, the world is your oyster.

    With that being said, is anyone interested? Let me know ASAP so I can get the groups figured out and we can get this thing started. Thanks.

    Here is the thread for the draft and some of the team picking rules along with who is playing and what teams have been selected and thus no longer available to select by newcomers:

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