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    Jul 11, 2012
    Iv been tinkering during the offseason with a playbook that will optimize the talent for the next few years so I figured I would share the changes. Im Calling it the "Raid and Shoot" because I am keeping alot of Run and Shoot principles I used last year but also alot of Air Raid reads and pass patterns, while having formations for a little power running game. The base playbook I used was SMU's, which was last years PB for me.

    *-represents new formation this year

    4WR Trips
    Big Wing*-An old favorite from my OU playbook
    Bunch*-See explanation above
    Jumbo Z

    4WR Trips
    Ace*-exited about running Power O and stretch out of the pistol
    Full House*
    Train*-Just Dirty
    Trips Open*

    5 WR Bunch*
    5 WR Trips
    Bunch HB Strong
    Bunch Quads*- might be a new favorite formation with bunch and spread concepts
    Empty Ace*
    Monster*- should look familiar to mizzou fans
    Quads Trio*
    Slot Offset*- Dont blitz against it
    Split Slot*
    Spread HB Weak
    Trips HB Weak
    Trips Open Strong
    Trips Unbalanced*- wildcat that you can throw out of. Nice.

    This book should be the future of Cougar football and the direction Coach Leach wants to go in. I doubt yall have any questions, but if you have some id be happy to answer them.
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