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Wyoming @ San Jose St.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TRudethaDude, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009
    Before I start this I would like to say thanks to Mr. Luchini for an absolutely thrilling and challenging game. It's not often my heart is beating fast playing games these days and you brought that out. Total sim game and I'd feel the same way in a loss.

    The measuring stick in Cathedral's MWC has been Wyoming dating back to our EA error filled dynasty. This all changed last night in San Jose, California. The Spartans and Cowboys locked horns in nothing short of an all out defensive struggle. The opening drive of the game was SJSU chipping away a few yards at a time until the connected on a 51 yard FG. SJSU opted to run a draw play on 3rd and long just to make sure they could get into FG position and start the game on a positive. In fact, the quarter ended 3-0 and the Spartans made a stop to get the ball back going in to the second quarter.

    The 2nd quarter started eerily similar to the first as SJSU drove down the field and had their drive stall in Wyoming territory ending up with a 41 yard FG. At this point the momentum started to shift. Wyoming drove down the field with a variety of pass and run plays and had their first scoring drive culminate with a rushing TD from 13 yards out. In the blink of an eye the Spartan crowd was silenced and the lead was now Wyoming's. SJSU clearly rattled wound up punting the ball right back to the Cowboys who again drove down the field and kicked a FG with :02 secs left in the half to take the 10-6 lead.

    At the start of the 3rd quarter Wyoming got the ball and was looking to take control of the game. It was on a key 3rd and short that SJSU got a stop forcing a 4th & 1 and got the ball back on a punt. Unfortunately Wyoming played defense and got the ball right back. The two teams continued the defense until one team scored in a big way. SJSU came on a blitz during a PA pass by Wyoming and didn't bite. The outcome was a QB sack and forced fumble that the Spartans cashed in for a defensive TD!!! That was the only score of the 3rd quarter for either team and the stage was set for a 4th quarter showdown with the Spartans up 13-10.

    It was a bunch more defense for both teams in the final quarter. In fact, the score stayed the same until we got just under the 3 minute mark. SJSU makes a huge 3rd down stop which was one of the big stories of the game. They forced a 4th & inches (much respect for kicking a FG in this situation as I'm sure you could have gotten the first down) and the Cowboys settled for a FG to tie the game up with 2:54 on the clock. On comes Kevin Butler and his Spartans. This kid is the undeniable leader of this program at this point. SJSU converts on multiple 3rd down conversions, both pass and run. A key 14 yard run really put this game away as the Spartans ran one more play and drilled a 36 yard FG as time expired to win the game and take control of the MWC!!! Final score 16-13 in an absolute thriller!
  2. mmullen8

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    Jul 12, 2010
    did you post this like three times? haha

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