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Wyoming -- uncleho

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by uncleho, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    Wyoming -- uncleho


    Offensive: Air Raid
    Defensive: 3-4


    2012 Schedule:
    1 Wyoming vs Oregon
    2 New Mexico vs Wyoming
    3 Wyoming vs ECU(ClayRocks)
    4 Wyoming vs Utah
    6 BYU vs Wyoming
    7 Wyoming vs Idaho
    8 Wyoming vs San Diego State
    9 Wyoming vs Colorado State(PipeHitter531)
    10 TCU vs Wyoming
    11 UNLV(dakota7) vs Wyoming
    12 Wyoming vs Air Force
    14 Western Michigan(Big Suge Knight) vs Wyoming
  2. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    2010 Recruiting Class

    2010 Recruiting Class

    11 Seniors + 2 open roster spots + 1 = 14 available scholarships

    Name Hometown Caliber Position Height Weight
    Adam Hemphill Fruit Heights, UT :2stars: TE 6'5" 230
    Jermaine Scott Downey, CA :2stars: TE 6'5" 236
    Stephen Meyers Stephenville, TX :3stars: G 6'0" 308
    Hank Lilly Glenrock, WY :2stars: HB 5'11" 191
    LaMarr McCollum Cherry Hills Vlg, CO :2stars: G 6'4" 266
    Leonard Barret Modesto, CA :3stars: FS 6'1" 193
    Jeff Hargrove Pueblo, CO :3stars: QB 6'1" 198
    Keith Black Broomfield, CO :2stars: MLB 6'1" 225
    Jimmy Pearson New Hope, MN :2stars: WR 6'1" 193
    Jason Arrington Fort Bliss, TX :2stars: OLB 6'1" 219
    Will Murphy Kearney, NE :2stars: FS 6'1" 183
    Kenneth Robinson Irving, TX :3stars: OLB 5'11" 212
    Marcus Marshall Florence-Graham, CA :2stars: WR 6'1" 190
    Brooks Taylor Azusa, CA :2stars: ATH 6'0" 231

    Hemphill fills a need at the TE position and his strengths are Impact Blocking (C+), Catching (C), and Route Running (C-).
    Downey will compete with Hemphill and hopefully one of them develops enough to get quality playing time. Stregnths are Run Blocking (B-) and Pass Blocking (C-).
    Meyers fills a need at G and should compete for a starting position hopefully. Impact blocking (C+), Pass Block (C), and Run Block (C) are his strengths.
    Lilly will provide depth in the backfield, may have to play down the road. Speed (B), Elusiveness (B-), Stiff Arm (B-), and Spin Move (B-) are his best attributes.
    McCollum adds a body in the G maybe C position. Run Block (C+) and Pass Block (C-) are his strengths.
    Barrett fills a need at FS and with the starter graduating this year may see playing time next year. Acceleration (B+) to go with average Speed (C+) and his Stamina (B) are his best attributes.
    Hargrove could develop to be a starter in 2-3 years once Carta-Samuels graduates. Throw Power (B-) and Accuracy (C).
    Marshall will add depth to a receiving corp that sees a lot of snaps. Speed (B+) and Jumping (B).
    Taylor has no idea what position he wants to play yet. Speed (B-), Agility (C+), and Stamina (C+) are his best traits.
  3. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    2011 Recruiting Class
    13 available scholarships

    :2stars: OLB Eric Cox, Montrose CO, 6'2", 220lbs
    :3stars: T Adam Means, Midwest City OK, 6'5", 285lbs
    :3stars: HB Jason Brown, Plano TX, 5'11", 194lbs
    :3stars: CB Tariq Larkin, Tulare CA, 5'11", 207lbs
    :3stars: WR Dwayne Macklin, Mesquite TX, 6'5", 200lbs
    :3stars: WR Joseph Cook, Edinburg TX, 6'0", 171lbs
    :3stars: G John Paul Lewis, Brownsville TX, 6'2", 302lbs
    :2stars: MLB Orlando Alexander, Liberty TX, 5'11", 220lbs
    :2stars: P Ray Miller, Kerrville TX, 5'10", 210lbs
    :3stars: CB Zac Pratt, Tulare CA, 6'0", 190lbs
    :2stars: MLB John Bowser, Cedar City UT, 6'2", 253lbs
    :3stars: WR Chad Sanders, Caldwell ID, 5'11", 160lbs
  4. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    2012 Recruiting Class
    21 available scholarships


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