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(Y1) Week 8 Sportscenter

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by HAL9100, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    Welcome to Week 8!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== Idaho Vandals (2-5) ===============
    Last week, Idaho won 28-18 against Texas State (1-5).
    This week, the Vandals travel to Ruston to face the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (2-3).
    In recruiting news, the following Idaho targets have announced their decisions:
    - (***) QB Anthony Fisher has committed to Vanderbilt
    - (***) DT Chris Irvin has committed to SMU
    - (***) MLB John Griffin has committed to Cal
    - (***) WR Jonathan Hill has committed to Oregon State

    =============== Kent State Golden Flashes (4-3) ===============
    Last week, Kent State won 45-38 against Cincinnati (3-2).
    This week, the Golden Flashes will host Western Michigan (4-3).

    =============== #18 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (6-0) ===============
    Last week, Western Kentucky won 45-30 against Troy (2-4).
    This week, the Hilltoppers will host UL Monroe (3-3).

    =============== Buffalo Bulls (4-3) ===============
    Last week, Buffalo won 35-31 against Northern Illinois (5-2).
    This week, the Bulls are idle.
    In recruiting news, the following Buffalo targets have announced their decisions:
    - (***) HB Ashton Herring has committed to Buffalo

    =============== UTSA Roadrunners (2-5) ===============
    Last week, UTSA lost 65-38 against Oregon State (3-3).
    This week, the Roadrunners will host San Jose State (4-3).
    In recruiting news, the following UTSA targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*) MLB Matt Miller has committed to New Mexico
    - (**) QB Mark Richards has committed to UTSA
    - (***) MLB Brian Crosby has committed to UTSA

    =============== UMass Minutemen (1-5) ===============
    Last week the Minutemen were idle.
    This week, the Minutemen will host Bowling Green (3-4).
    In recruiting news, the following UMass targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*) WR Nathan Williams has committed to UMass

    =============== New Mexico State Aggies (2-5) ===============
    Last week, New Mexico State lost 71-35 against Georgia Tech (4-3).
    This week, the Aggies travel to Logan to face the Utah State Aggies (3-3).
    In recruiting news, the following New Mexico State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (**) SS Martin Williams has committed to New Mexico State

    =============== UL Monroe Warhawks (3-3) ===============
    Last week, UL Monroe lost 27-21 against Florida Atlantic (4-3).
    This week, the Warhawks travel to Bowling Green to face the #18 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (6-0).

    =============== San Jose State Spartans (4-3) ===============
    Last week, San Jose State won 20-17 against Utah State (3-3).
    This week, the Spartans travel to San Antonio to face the UTSA Roadrunners (2-5).
    In recruiting news, the following San Jose State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*) LT Tom Jackson has committed to FIU

    =============== Mid Tenn State Blue Raiders (0-7) ===============
    Last week, Mid Tenn State lost 72-28 against FIU (5-1).
    This week, the Blue Raiders are idle.

    =============== Florida Atlantic Owls (4-3) ===============
    Last week, Florida Atlantic won 27-21 against UL Monroe (3-3).
    This week, the Owls are idle.

    =============== Akron Zips (0-7) ===============
    Last week, Akron lost 20-7 against Ohio (4-3).
    This week, the Zips will host Northern Illinois (5-2).
    In recruiting news, the following Akron targets have announced their decisions:
    - (**) RE Vince Mathis has committed to Akron
    - (**) SS Skip Williams has committed to Akron

  2. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    [​IMG] VS .....No One
    Bye Week​
  3. fordtuff504

    fordtuff504 Walk On

    Jan 7, 2010
    ulm vs wku.png
    great game for capp34, we all need to take note because capp is setting the standards for success in our league, he should be ranked top ten during his inaugural year after going undefeated, i'll see you next year bud! ​
  4. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010
    [​IMG] - 52
    [​IMG] - 39
    The Kent State offense continued it recent trend of bailing out the Golden Flash defense as they outscored Western Michigan 52-39 and earned their 2nd conference win on the year. The two teams battled to a virtual tie in the first quarter with the only difference being a missed extra point by WMU. But no one was expecting what happened next as the two teams exploded for 41 combined points in the 2nd quarter. For some reason the WMU defense decided to try their hand at some zero coverage and press coverage. Doing this opening up the deep pass and Kent State did not fail to capitalize as they struck for a 78 and 69 yard TD passes along with a beautiful 93 yard kick off return for a TD. But WMU would not be phased as they continued to grind it down the field and answered the Golden Flashes with a 12 yard and 72 yard TD strikes. WMU also countered the Kent State kickoff return with a 30 yard pick 6 and the teams went to the locker room at the half with Kent State leading 28-26. Things settled in during the 3rd quarter after WMU moved away from the press coverage after the Golden Flashes extended their lead to 35-26 on a 62 yard TD pass. After holding Kent State to a FG early in the 4rd quarter WMU made a furious comeback and retook the lead with less than 2 minutes remaining after connecting on a 1 yard pass to the TE. But the lead would not last long when WMU had a break down in the secondary and Tyshon Goode went uncovered when the WMU DBs jumped the underneath routes and Spencer Keith found him for a 77 yard TD to reclaim the lead for Kent State. But there would be not be another WMU comeback as the Golden Flash LB Luke Batton picked off a pass and returned it WMU 7 yard line. Two plays later Trayion Durham slammed in from 2 yards out and Kent State pulled out another win.
    Spencer Keith continues to learn and develop with the air raid system as he was 17-23 for 455 yards and 4 TDs, but he still has a tendency to force things as he threw 2 more picks. Kent State will have the week off for week 9 as they prepare for their trip to Akron in week 10.
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  5. OnIowa

    OnIowa Zeroes to Heroes

    Jul 24, 2010
    UMass pulls out a victory with the last second field goal for the Minutemen's second straght win!

    This ones was truly a defensive battle. UMass 10, Bowling Green 7

    Second Quarter
    0:00 TD [​IMG] UMass James Lizotte WR #88 54 yard TD from Kellen Pagel QB #10 (Caleb Violette K #94 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    1:10 TD [​IMG] BGSU Kendall Montgomery TE #88 15 yard TD from Trent Hurley QB #16 (Stephen Stein K #49 kick)
    0:00 FG [​IMG] UMass Caleb Violette K #94 32 yard FG
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  6. maij17

    maij17 PSN: MAIJ17

    Oct 8, 2009
  7. fordtuff504

    fordtuff504 Walk On

    Jan 7, 2010
  8. ChaoticUT

    ChaoticUT Life is Orange and White!

    Jul 19, 2010
    SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- The Roadrunners all but sealed their fate for a WAC Championship with a win over a very talented and well coach SJSU team. UTSA was able to make some big plays and force some timely turnovers to run away with the game.
    -Stats that Changed the Game-
    3rd down Conversions: UTSA 70% // SJSU 20%
    Time of Possesion: UTSA 18:45 // SJSU 9:15


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