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(Y2) Week 1 Sportscenter

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Sabo, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Sabo

    Sabo Z2H Commish

    Feb 13, 2010
    =============== Idaho Vandals (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Vandals travel to Auburn to face the #20 Auburn Tigers (0-0).

    =============== Kent State Golden Flashes (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Golden Flashes travel to Baton Rouge to face the #3 LSU Tigers (0-0).

    =============== Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Hilltoppers travel to Norman to face the #1 Oklahoma Sooners (0-0).

    =============== Buffalo Bulls (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Bulls travel to Athens to face the #5 Georgia Bulldogs (0-0).

    =============== UTSA Roadrunners (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Roadrunners travel to Atlanta to face the #24 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (0-0).

    =============== UMass Minutemen (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Minutemen travel to Manhattan to face the #10 Kansas State Wildcats (0-0).

    =============== New Mexico State Aggies (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Aggies travel to Austin to face the #4 Texas Longhorns (0-0).

    =============== UL Monroe Warhawks (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Warhawks travel to Eugene to face the #8 Oregon Ducks (0-0).

    =============== San Jose State Spartans (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Spartans travel to East Lansing to face the #16 Michigan State Spartans (0-0).

    =============== Mid Tenn State Blue Raiders (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Blue Raiders travel to Tuscaloosa to face the #22 Alabama Crimson Tide (0-0).

    =============== Florida Atlantic Owls (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Owls travel to Tallahassee to face the #2 Florida State Seminoles (0-0).

    =============== Akron Zips (0-0) ===============
    This week, the Zips travel to Madison to face the #11 Wisconsin Badgers (0-0).
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  2. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Fau Pulls The Miracle at the Doak!!

    Tal- Coming into the season the only change on Fau was their attitude as they came into DCS confident they could hang with the #2 team in the Nation. Fsu came out of the Tunnel 1st as they were banking on Fau coming in scared of the crowd. But the Coach wouldn't let it happen as he waited, then after Chief whatever his name is speared the ground then Fau came out. Fau Lost the coin Toss and Fsu defered, Boy don't they wish they just took the ball 1st.

    On the 1st play Fau's rb Moon took the sweep to the right and went 58 yrds down to the 17 of Fsu. then they passed it down to the 11. Then Moon took the counter and shook off a tackle and went in for a early 7-0 lead. But Just as quick Fsu responded as they picked on the new corner for Fau as he was lost most of the game. Trickett threw a deep pass to his Wr and he was gone for 72 yrds and Fsu tied it up at 7. Fau wouldn't quit as they went on a 12 play over 4 min drive mixing their running and passing as they got the ball down to the 2 yrdline. Gaskins(fb) took the handoff and crashed in for Fau and a 14-7 lead. Fsu struck just as fast as they continued their arial attack and took the ball to the 1 yrdline. Trickett then found haggans who made a one-handed catch to tie the game up at 14 as the 1st quarter came to a end.

    Fau couldn't move the ball on their next drive and punted the ball back. Fsu then continued their passing with ease attack as Trickett had all day to throw the ball. Freeman took the ball on a draw and spinned and jucked his way into the end zone as Fsu took the lead at 21-14. Fau started another drive and it was going well then disaster struck as Moon coughed up the ball on a pass and Fsu recovered. Fsu made the Owls pay for their mistake as they moved the ball with ease and Freeman again spun and jucked his way in for a 28-14 lead. Coach wouldn't let his team give up telling his guys "this isn't last yr when ya'll gave up". Fau came back with Moon exclusively and drove the ball down to the 2 yrdline of Fsu. Fortner then subbed Moon and broke a tackle and scored as Fau pulled within 7. Fsu finally made a mistake as Trickett Threw a pick and Fau was in Business with 24 secs left in the Half. Fau got it down into FG range and Lamb nailed a 36 yrder to pull Fau to 24-28 going into Halftime. Coach was Fired up as he told his team to Never Give Up always give yr best.

    Most of the 3rd quarter was a defense-fest as both offenses kept going 3 and outs. Fau got a break when they held Fsu on a 3rd and 1 and Fsu punted the ball. Fau started a drive with Moon and with crisp passing all the way down to the 2 yrdline of the Noles. Fortner then punched it in again and Fau retook the lead at 31-28. But as always the lead would not hold as Fsu passed the ball with ease then Freeman took a option pitch and broke 4 tackles and scored from 21 yrds out and Fsu back on top 35-31 as the rest of the 3rd finally ran out.

    Fau started the 4th quarter with the ball and looking to get the lead again. Mostly with the running of Moon as Fsu continued to Head-shot him all night. On a sweep Moon was getting great yardage and Fsu safety cut him from underneath and Moon coughed up the ball again and Fsu was in Business. Fsu didn't waste the opportunity as they passed with ease, then on 3rd down Trickett facing a mad rush from the Owls completed a Td pass for a 42-31 lead on the Owls. Fau wouldn't quit as they put together a nice drive with mostly pass, Then Simon found a wide open reciever Ishmar in the back of the end zone and the Owls pulled to 42-37. Coach went for 2 and failed when Simon had to throw in a hurry. With 2:27 left in the Game., Coach told his team"we're going for the onside, Get that Ball".
    Fau Lined up and the ball bounced then a Fsu player tried to pick up the ball and the Owls recovered the ball and New Life in the Game. Using a limited book for this situation Fau drove the ball down the field with run and pass while chewing up precious time as they didn't want the Fsu Offense on the field again. Fau mixed it up with run and pass as they got key 1st downs as they chewed up the clock. Then Simon found his Back Moon and Moon turned on the Jets and Scored a Td with 2 seconds remaing in the game. Kick was Good and Fau led 44-42. Fau squibbed the kick and Fau quickly got down the field and tackled the runner to end the game.

    Coach in tears had this to say after the Game. "what can i say they didn't give up and didn't cave under the Doak mistique, This team are a bunch of fighters and we're gonna be battling all game til its over".

    POG was Moon for Fau as he had 227 yrds rushing with 1 td on the ground and 45 yrds recieving and 1 td through the air.

    Fau goes 1-0 on the year and Get Buffalo Next.
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  3. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010
    [​IMG] - 34
    [​IMG] - 24
    Kent State traveled to Tiger Stadium to tangle with 3rd ranked LSU in the season 2 opener. Despite fighting hard all game long the Gold Flash were unable to stop the LSU power game and fell to the Tigers 34-24. Kent could never get the stop they needed as they pulled to within 27-24 late in the 4th Qtr but the Tigers continued to covert 3rd downs and finally put the Flash away. QB McCloud performed well in his first start at QB going 23-32 for 205 yards and 1 TD. Most importantly though 0 interceptions.
  4. OnIowa

    OnIowa Zeroes to Heroes

    Jul 24, 2010
    UMass Looks Good in Opener, But Falls 35-23 to Kansas State

    Isaac Schultz, JuCo Transfer HB carries the ball 28 times for 111 yards
    Senior QB Kellen Pagel 21/30 for 315 yards, 2 TD 1 INT

    Second Quarter
    4:24 TD [​IMG] KSU John Hubert HB #33 51 yard TD (Anthony Cantele K #10 kick)
    0:33 TD [​IMG] UMass Rob Blanchflower TE #87 16 yard TD from Kellen Pagel QB #10 (Derrick Cooke K #4 kick)
    0:07 TD [​IMG] KSU Tramaine Thompson WR #86 43 yard TD from Daniel Sams QB #4 (Anthony Cantele K #10 kick)
    Third Quarter
    1:28 TD [​IMG] UMass Jordan Broadnax HB #28 5 yard TD (Derrick Cooke K #4 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    4:55 FG [​IMG] UMass Derrick Cooke K #4 21 yard FG
    4:01 TD [​IMG] KSU John Hubert HB #33 48 yard TD (Anthony Cantele K #10 kick)
    1:55 TD [​IMG] KSU John Hubert HB #33 36 yard TD (Anthony Cantele K #10 kick)
    1:02 TD [​IMG] UMass Adam Terrell WR #81 19 yard TD from Kellen Pagel QB #10 (Isaac Schultz HB #20 kick)
    0:23 TD [​IMG] KSU John Hubert HB #33 2 yard TD (Anthony Cantele K #10 kick
  5. JVrazorback

    JVrazorback Walk On

    Jul 24, 2010
  6. ChaoticUT

    ChaoticUT Life is Orange and White!

    Jul 19, 2010
    ATLANTA, Georgia -- The Roadrunners were able to continue their momentum of a bowl game win with a win in the season opener. Georgia Tech's option offense just couldn't hold up as they got down early and were forced to go to the air. With Ga Tech inability to move the ball through the air UTSA was able to run away with the victory.​
    2.JPG 1.JPG
  7. Sabo

    Sabo Z2H Commish

    Feb 13, 2010
    Vandals fall in overtime to Auburn 35-28

    [​IMG] # Idaho 7 0 14 7 0 28
    [​IMG] # Auburn 7 14 7 0 7 35
    [​IMG] Aub Cameron Groce FB #83 2 yard TD (Cody Parkey K #36 kick)
    [​IMG] Idaho Donavon Cunningham HB #41 9 yard TD (Matthew Newell K #10 kick)
    [​IMG] Aub Quan Bray WR #4 25 yard TD from Clint Moseley QB #15 (Cody Parkey K #36 kick)
    [​IMG] Aub Trovon Reed WR #1 44 yard TD from Clint Moseley QB #15 (Cody Parkey K #36 kick)
    [​IMG] Idaho Todd Handley HB #27 12 yard TD (Matthew Newell K #10 kick)
    [​IMG] Aub Jaylon Denson WR #89 66 yard TD from Clint Moseley QB #15 (Cody Parkey K #36 kick)
    [​IMG] Idaho Todd Handley HB #27 5 yard TD (Matthew Newell K #10 kick)
    [​IMG] Idaho Todd Handley HB #27 3 yard TD (Matthew Newell K #10 kick)
    [​IMG] Aub Cameron Groce FB #83 5 yard TD from Clint Moseley QB #15 (Cody Parkey K #36 kick)
  8. capp34

    capp34 Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

    Feb 12, 2010
  9. maij17

    maij17 PSN: MAIJ17

    Oct 8, 2009
  10. fordtuff504

    fordtuff504 Walk On

    Jan 7, 2010
  11. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    Buffalo Comes Up Short In Athens
    Athens, GA - Buffalo had a successful season in 2012, but they lacked any really notable wins or upsets. They opened up against the Georgia Bulldogs this year and were hoping and put in a hell of a fight. Georgia and star RB Crowell were dominant on the ground and the Bulls had a hard time stopping them. Behind this attack, Georgia would open it up and take a 17-14 lead at halftime. It got worse for Buffalo in the 3rd. Georgia would extend their lead to 27-17. With their backs against the wall, the Bulls would find their resolve and answer. They would score 10 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and force overtime with the score at 27-27. Unfortunately, overtime proved to be a disaster. Buffalo got the ball first and was unable to gain any yardage. Then on a FG attempt, their kicker shanked it wide right. That ended up not mattering though as Georgia got a TD and the win quickly and easily on their possession for a final score of 33-27.​

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