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    In case any of you guys feel like posting something.
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    Yea I've been guilty of this. Need to get bs k into the grove of posting recaps.
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    Clemson Season Recap
    Week 1
    17 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 48
    No details still available from the game. Army was just no match for the Tigers in this warm up game.​
    Week 3
    31 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 70
    Clemson could do no wrong in this game. Miami was very competitive early on but couldn't keep pace with Clemson's 4 combined defensive and special team TDs.​
    Week 4
    20 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 14
    After 2 blowouts to start the season, Clemson got a surprisingly tough first road game. The Tigers never trailed but it was always a game that could go either way.​
    Week 5
    28 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 21
    The first big game of the season for the Tigers was very competitive, but the Yellow Jackets struggled to keep pace with Clemson.​
    Week 6
    21 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 24
    This matchup saw the #1 and #2 teams in the country face off in an epic battle. Florida State jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first half.​
    The Tigers managed to close the gap but could never get rid of the early deficit.​
    Week 7
    13 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 16
    After the disappointment in Week 6, the Tigers let that ride into week 7. They just weren't ready to play and NC State took full advantage with 2 late scores to win the game.​
    Week 8
    42 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 49
    Clemson nearly suffered another 4th quarter drop off. Fortunately, they had built a big enough of a lead that Duke was not able to close the gap in the 4th​
    Week 9
    28 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 50
    Clemson got back to their expected performance this week against Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons hung close in the first half, but the Tigers were just too much for them.​
    Week 10
    35 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 38
    This was a back and forth game. Clemson managed to get a key interception in the 3rd quarter to build a lead and Maryland was unable to recover.​
    Week 11
    49 [​IMG] @ [​IMG] 31
    Boston College jumped out to an early 21-7 lead. After that, Clemson would go on a 42-3 run and completely outclassing the Eagles.​
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