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    -Jets oust the Colts 31-21​
    - Anthony Anderson gets benched with 3 early picks, Hortsman comes in throws 2 more but did throw 3 TD's for the Colts all to rookie phenom WR Leighton Durham​
    - THE BIG "O" Octvious H - A - R - D - YYY rushed for 225 yards and 3 TD's in the win​
    - Don't forget about me: Darrelle Revis had 2 picks in the game​
    - Gabbert goes Kolb on the Patriots with a 4 pick 0 TD performance​
    - Ben Brennan rookie qb throws for 222 yards and 3 TD's​
    - Harrison Anthony the Pats HB had a nice day as well with 204 yards and a score, WR Barksdale did the heavy lifting with a 3 TD performance​
    - Big Ben comes to save the day with a 304 yard 2 TD no pick performance (both to Welker) vs cpu Seahawks in a 31-28 win also had an 11 yard TD run , watch out NFC North​
    -Brodacious !!! Rookie TE Brody Patterson goes postal with a 6 reception 210 yard day in the loss​
    - Vikes get sim win 29-13 over Cowboys Dez and Percy caught TD's for their respective teams​
    - Ceejay Kennedey says trade me if you want to, but it aint my fault we lose with a 338 yard day through the air for the Falcons​
    - Kennedy threw for 2 and rushed for 1 more in a narrow loss to the Giants 28-24​
    - Julio Jones had a huge day with 130+ yards and 2 TD snags​
    - Bryan Anthony WR for the NYG would not be outdone however with a # TD day​
    - Shane Boals completed 8 passes four of them were TD's in the win.​
    - James Jones and Christian Peters both had 3 sacks in the loss.​
    - Ravens demolish Steelers 42-10 Flacco actually resembles a QB with a 3 TD 0 pick performance​
    - Jimmy Smith had a big day with 2 picks​
    - Saints get win 38-34 over Eagles Colt McCoy found his TE adn RB's 16 times in the win​
    - Sterlin Freeman had a 3 TD day on the ground​
    - Matt Ryan threw for 4 TD's in the loss​
    - Kevin Young leads the Charge and had over 100 yards and a TD but the Bolts lose 38-17 to rival Broncos​
    - Moreno goes over 100 in the loss​
    - Newly acquired Leon Hall had a 2 pick day for the Horses​
    - Rams beat Browns 38-24​
    - Mike Vick throws 3 picks in the loss​
    - Ndamakong Suh had 4 sacks for the Rams in the win​
    - Cam accounts for 6 TD's in a perfect day vs the Bucs. Kitty Kats win 49-28​
    - Josh Freeman throws for 465 in the loss​
    - Bills double up Titans 34-17​
    - Rookie RB Jamarian Crawford had 109 yards and a TD in the loss​
    - Texans 10 better than Bengals 27-17​
    - Dozier finds his 3 favorite targets Johnson, Gardner, and Baldwin OH MY! for scores​
    - Cards win at the horn 24-21 over 49ers​
    - Maclin torches Cards for 167 and 2 in the L​
    - Fitz has 115 and 2 of his own however and Ryan Williams added 116 on the ground​
    - Cards overcome 14-0 deficit to get the win​
    - Gary Frederick runs over the Bears with 4 TD's and 221 yards in a 38-24 win​
    - Young Jacques gets a pick for the Raiders​
    - The Super Bowl 1 rematch goes to the Packers 38-10 over the Chiefs​
    - Aaron Rodgers had over 300 yard 4 TD's and 0 Interceptions​
    - NaQuan Boyd adds 2 more sacks to his total​
    - Rooke RB Isikeli Cook reached paydirt for the Indians​

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    cant wait until week 3

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