Year 2 Team Ratings

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    Year 2 Team Ratings

    User Ranking Gamertag Team Conference Overall Offense Defense
    1 IIx Nautica xII LSU SEC A- A- A-
    1 AJ Hart MN Florida SEC A- A- A-
    3 BoSoxFan58 Virginia Tech ACC A- A B+
    4 KOS ampYOUtater Arkansas ACC B+ A B
    5 Sreese Auburn SEC B+ A- B+
    6 SodaAddict Clemson SEC B+ B+ B+
    7 mboda Boston College ACC B B+ B+
    8 xUGAx Bud Light South Carolina SEC B B+ B
    9 The Vredesbyrd Tennessee SEC B- B B
    9 blacksunshine41 Georgia Tech ACC B- B B
    11 ShiBDiB NC State ACC B- B C+
    12 LB Fitted Virginia ACC B- B- B-

    Team Prestige Ratings:
    Florida: 6 stars
    LSU: 5 stars
    Tennessee: 5 stars
    Virginia Tech: 5 stars
    Arkansas: 4 stars
    Auburn: 5 stars
    Boston College: 4 stars
    Clemson: 4 stars
    Georgia Tech: 4 stars
    South Carolina: 4 stars
    Virginia: 4 stars
    NC State: 3 stars
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    Jul 22, 2010
    my ass team would be the only one not atleast 4 stars and with a C rating...

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