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Year 2 Week 8

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ctvolfan, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. ctvolfan

    ctvolfan Vol for Life!!

    Jul 17, 2010
    Year 2 Week 8

    Arkansas Stuns Oxford!!!

    The Arkansas Razorbacks went to Oxford with only one thing on there mind. That being to beat the undefeated and 8th ranked Ole Miss rebels. The Razorbacks are headed home celebrating such a feet. This win proved that this team was not going to lay down and die. The slow start to the season was inexcusable and this team has responded well to the criticism from the coaches and the Media. QB Tyler Wilson led the charge in Oxford by throwing for 3 touchdowns. The running game was very effective for the second game in a row.
    The Razorbacks will face non conference foe Troy next week.​

    First Quarter
    07:08 TD Arkansas Cobi Hamilton WR #11 60 yard pass from Tyler Wilson QB #8
    04:42 TD Ole Miss EJ Epperson FB #33 22 yard rush
    03:30 TD Arkansas Aaron Perez TE #87 37 yard pass from Tyler Wilson QB #8
    00:12 FG Ole Miss Bryson Rose K #81 36 yard field goal

    Second Quarter
    07:09 TD Arkansas Aaron Perez TE #87 16 yard pass from Tyler Wilson QB #8
    02:21 TD Arkansas Ronnie Wingo HB #20 7 yard rush

    Third Quarter
    07:27 TD Ole Miss Brandon Bolden HB #34 41 yard rush
    03:17 TD Arkansas Ronnie Wingo HB #20 1 yard rush

    Forth Quarter
    05:31 TD Arkansas Dennis Johnson HB #33 6 yard rush
    03:51 TD Ole Miss JaMes Logan WR #85 12 yard pass from Nathan Stanley QB #12
  2. ryalaman

    ryalaman Walk On

    Jul 21, 2010
    South Carolina struggles mightily with Vanderbilt before finally putting them down 38-31. South Carolina's new coach found out today why they were ranked at the bottom of the SEC in most defensive categories. They struggled all day with Vanderbilt, but eventually came up with enough stops to allow their offense to come back for the win. Stephen Garcia threw for 384 yards and Marcus Lattimore added 114 yards on the ground although he was nowhere near as effective as he was last week, needing 30 carries to get to 114. Next week Arkansas will travel to Knoxville to face the Vols.
  3. mboda

    mboda Walk On

    Jul 26, 2010
  4. shibdib

    shibdib In Nacho We Trust

    Jul 22, 2010
    800 Yards of offense and a loss!?

    NC State - 41
    Wake Forest - 43

    NC State puts up 799 yards of total offense and still manages to lose the game. This sums up the team's season in a nutshell.

    QB Mike Glennon had 467 yards and 4 TD's in the air, with nearly 200 of the yards going to star receiver TJ Graham. Brandon Barnes rushed for 91 yards and 1 TD.

    The team shot themselves in the foot with turnovers. Committing 5 total, 2 INT's and 3 Fumbles. While forcing only 1, a fumble. Coach shibdib did not look happy on the sidelines, and for good reason, he knows a team cant win when they turn the ball over that many times.
  5. BoSoxFan58

    BoSoxFan58 Walk On

    Sep 21, 2009
    Hokies Stop Clemson Cold On Last Play of Game
    The Hokies seemed to steal away a game from the 6-1 Tigers by making a goal-line stand to clinch the victory.

    -- All game it seemed as if Clemson would officially end Virginia Tech's bid for a BCS Bowl game this season, but a strong 2nd-half performance by the Hokies created some daylight for the victory. In one of the ACC's best games of the year, the bout went back and forth until the end of the game when Virginia Tech dominated by scoring 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter. The climax of the game came after Darren Evans put Virginia Tech up 8 with 1:44 left to play. Clemson's Kyle Parker methodically led the Tigers down the field and set up a goal to go from the 2-yard line with the clock reading 00:02. The Tech crowd was deafening as the Tigers lined up to try to punch it in, but the Tiger Running Back was stopped in his tracks sealing the win for the Hokies. Coach Beamer exclaimed it was one of the best games he had coached and such an exhilarating ending to carry us into the big match-up against Boston College next week.

    Offensive Players of the Game:
    HB Darren Evans 18 rushes, 168 yards, & 1 Touchdown
    Defensive Player of the Game:
    LB Tariq Edwards 10 tackles, 1 INT, & 1 Touchdown.


    First Quarter
    05:03 TD Virginia Tech Marcus Davis WR #7 8 yard pass from Logan Thomas QB #3
    01:55 TD Clemson Brandon Clear WR #85 23 yard pass from Kyle Parker QB #11
    Second Quarter
    06:24 TD Clemson Chad Diehl FB #30 2 yard rush
    02:53 TD Virginia Tech Eric Martin TE #86 7 yard pass from Logan Thomas QB #3
    00:26 FG Clemson Dawson Zimmerman P #96 51 yard field goal
    Third Quarter
    05:48 TD Virginia Tech Tariq Edwards ROLB #24 33 yard interception
    04:04 TD Clemson Andre Ellington HB #23 4 yard rush
    Forth Quarter
    06:45 FG Clemson Dawson Zimmerman P #96 35 yard field goal
    02:42 TD Virginia Tech Marcus Davis WR #7 14 yard pass from Logan Thomas QB #3
    01:44 TD Virginia Tech Darren Evans HB #32 27 yard rush
  6. AJ Hart MN

    AJ Hart MN Marseille - TFL Season 1 Champions

    Oct 16, 2009
    Georgia vs Florida

    Florida looked to keep their dream season alive as they battled the Georgia Bulldogs in the annual World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville.

    Florida did everything they possibly could to lose this one. John Brantley all but ended his heisman hopes with a 4 pick performance. In all, the Gators turned the ball over 5 times. Fortunately, the Gator defense made some big plays and one final drive of magic kept the undefeated season alive.

    Florida out-gained the Bulldogs by well over 200 yards and had a 2TD forth quarter lead with the ball inside Georgia's 10 when Mack Brown fumbled and let the Bulldogs feel that they were still in this. Aaron Murray promptly threw an 81 yard TD pass. Florida was forced to punt on a 3 and out on their ensueing drive. Murray and the Dawgs again went to work.. They drove the field and tied the score on a Caleb King 13yd TD reception. The only problem was that they left the determined Gators about a minute on the clock and Brantley would finally play like the heisman candidate that he is. He masterfully led the Gators down the field and kicker Caleb Sturgis would boot home an easy 18yd FG as time expired.

    That big sigh of relief you heard was the Gator nation.. They knew they stole one here but every great team sometimes needs to have a game like this to take it to the next level. #1 marches on!!

    Scoring Summary

    First Quarter
    05:25 TD Georgia Caleb King HB #4 15 yard rush

    Second Quarter
    07:28 TD Florida Larry Archie FB #48 6 yard rush
    04:02 TD Florida Chris Rainey WR #3 23 yard pass from John Brantley QB #12

    01:26 TD Georgia AJ Green WR #8 34 yard pass from Aaron Murray QB #11
    00:26 TD Florida Joshua Shaw CB #29 61 yard interception

    Forth Quarter
    07:00 TD Florida Chris Rainey WR #3 8 yard rush
    06:44 TD Georgia Rantavious Wooten WR #17 81 yard pass from Aaron Murray QB #11
    05:58 TD Georgia Caleb King HB #4 13 yard pass from Aaron Murray QB #11

    00:00 FG Florida Caleb Sturgis K #19 18 yard field goal

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