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Your Team's Off-season Recap

Discussion in 'The Baseline : NBA 2K14 Online Association' started by makinpropel, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. makinpropel

    makinpropel Go Big Red!

    Mar 5, 2011
    I thought maybe in the waiting period before the season starts and the first few days, we could go over the Off-season and talk about the moves made.

    The Minnesota Timberwolves went into the offseason with a little bit of apprehension, because the thought of losing Beasley with nothing in return was frightening. He and Anthony Randolph were both restricted free agents. Quincy Pondexter and Martell Webster both had team options, and Malcolm Lee's contract was over. The Wolves declined Pondexter's contract and accepted Websters. Sent qualifying offers to Beasley and Randolph.

    The Wolves went into the draft with the 23rd pick in the 1st and 2nd rounds, hoping to get a shooting guard, but when their top prospect was took with the 22nd pick, the Wolves took 6'10" Center J.J. Wilks. Wilks is a decent inside scorer and good rebounder, but will probably not see much action this season. The T-wolves also drafted a PF, but did not sign him in the offseason.

    In the off-season, the Wolves went hard after a starting Center to play good minutes along side Love and Williams. Omer Asik looked like a solid big they could take off the market early before others noticed he was there, so Minny offered him a 2 year, 5.71 mil contract, and Asik accepted. Anthony Randolph was offered a 5 year, 58 million dollar offer by JrRawlins 's Raptors, and because we wanted to sign Beasley, we let Randolph go. Minnesota then matched an offer for Beasley which was worth 8 million. Minny then waived Brad Miller and signed Shannon Brown, a starting SG in their opinion, to a 3 year, 6.27 mil contract. Brown may not play that much, but he can bring energy to the team. Minnesota then extended another offer to a Center, Marcus Camby. For only 480K, the 38 year old is now a member of the Wolves. Minnesota also extended an offer to Devin Ebanks to balance out the roster, and add a defensive SF.

    Minnesota sent Ricky Rubio to a shooting camp, Beasley to a perimeter defense camp, and Omer Asik to an inside big man camp. Rubio progressed 5 points overall this offseason, Beasley, Love, and Wesley Johnson all progressed by 4, and Williams progressed by 6 overall. Minnesota is really looking forward to competing with the bringbackjimmy and Mike E for the division crown this upcoming season.
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  2. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    After a disappointing 2011-12 campaign, the Utah Jazz were ready to attack the draft and Free Agent market hard. With the 11th overall pick the Jazz felt they could really address their need for a Center with Favors, Millsap, and Jefferson all potentially leaving the team next season. In a shocking turn of events both Jon Graham (7th to @PAgamer 's 76ers) and Nick Weber (9th to the Nets) were taken in the top 10 preventing the Jazz from achieving their draft goals. In what most analysts are calling a panic, Jazz GM Justin Jones gave David Stern an envelope with 3 year Miami of Ohio star Timmy Wingate. Timmy is a tweener who projects as a 3 at the NBA level but can definitely play the 4 in a pinch. He's 6' 9" and weighs 244 pounds and if he can develop a solid jumper, this team may have found the 3-man they have needed since Jeff Hornacek.

    Right after the rookie draft, free agency began where the Jazz wanted to address simply one thing and one thing only. Shooters. Shooters is exactly what they went and got. Jason "Jet" Terry was the Jazz number one target and after offering him a 2 year deal for just under 3 mill with an opt out option after the first year, Jet jettisoned out of Dallas and now calls Salt Lake City home. The Jazz then wanted to find another big who can stretch the floor when Matt Bonner can't find his stroke and out of nowhere came Channing Frye. Frye was looking a season overseas dead in the eye before ultimately swallowing his pride and accepting a deal for the veteran's minimum. Seemingly infatuated by former members of the Phoenix Suns the Jazz decided to target back up point guard Zabian Dowdell with their remaining MLE cash. After declining all 3 of the Jazz's mid season offers last year, Zabian finally accepted a deal which will make him 1.29 million this season with the option to make 1.42 million if he chooses to accept it.

    The Jazz also had some decisions to make as far as who to keep from last year's team who's contracts had expired. Gary Neal, Jeremy Evans, Matt Carroll, and Chris Jennings all had contracts come up and the Jazz originally kept all of them. Dude to some glaring needs in the backcourt Matt Carroll was ultimately cut. There were rumors that Justin Jones was actually calling teams to take Jennings off his hands with his inability to withdrawal his qualify offer due to the CBA signed last year. Toronto Raptors GM JrRawlins was rumored to be intrigued by the idea before ultimately saying no. This will be an interesting storyline to see how Ty Corbin uses Jennings and if Jones has any influence on the young man's playing time.

    Jones is rumored not to be done this offseason as he is looking to make a deal before Opening Tip having reached out to both Suns GM BDSDIGITAL and Memphis GM Dru50. The rumored target is an elite point guard. Here at the Salt Lake Tribune, we like what the Jazz have done and give them a solid B with the chances of getting it to an A- if they can indeed land a franchise point guard.
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  3. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    The Portland Trailblazers had a great season finishing with the #2 Seed in the West right behind division rival OKC. As part of the Blazers plan they sent out restricted offers to Nicolas Batum and Greg Oden, but every other player with a expired deal was told to step even key contributors like Gilbert Arenas and Boris Diaw. The blazers wanted all their cap to get the missing piece to their championship team. The blazers sat back and watched the draft as they sent their 1st to Atlanta in part of the Josh Smith trade.

    When FA hit the GM BBJ was shocked that both FA stars were not listed and took deals to stay. So the blazers went to panic mode and offered max deals to Lopez, Beasley, mayo, and gorden during the 1st day. Lopez accepted, but NJ matched and left por striking out on their main FA. The good news from day one was batum accepted a reasonable contract that we gladly matched. Day 3 caused mayhem at the rose quarter as David Stern ignored matching offer and rewarded the bobcats Portland's Starting C Greg Oden. With reports of interest on the best player left aging vet Kevin Garnett the blazers offered him 10m to make sure they got a quality replacement for Oden. Blazers other big moves were bringing in aging sg/sf Vince Carter and PG Nate Robinson.

    The Blazers got better offensively with Garnett coming in, but will that make up for the loss of Oden's Defense? How will Nolan Smith do as the starting PG? These are just a couple of questions that need to be answered, but The team feels confident about another strong push and believe that as long as they don't go past bed time that this may be the year.
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  4. SuperBowlNachos

    SuperBowlNachos Walk On

    Jul 1, 2010
    Dallas was one of many that was hoping Dwight Howard would test free agency. When him and no other big superstar did that threw things in a loop. With Jason Kidd retiring we needed to go PG. We ended up signing 24 year old George Hill to I think a 3 year deal worth about 4 mil per year. Delonte West chose to re-sign as well as Ian Mahinmi and Brandon Rush. I wanted Jason Terry, but the game screwed me and he never showed up on my free agent list so I couldn't up my offer at all. So I hope him and JFace907 have a terrible season.

    As for new guys, Dallas was needing some center help Spencer Hawes was offered a 1 year, 8 million dollar deal. I was really surprised he took it, being only 24 years old and a halfway decent center I figured he would have wanted at least 3 years. A definite upgrade from Kwame Brown. There were no other huge pick ups. Mickael Pietrus and Maurice Evans were both signed to help back up an aging Shawn Marion. To back up Hill we picked up Goran Dragic and rookie Jimmy Drew. Drew has an 89 3pt shot so we are hoping he can be a decent spot up shooter. Also signed was rookie Dave Wright. Wright has decent rebounding skills and a B+ potential.

    Overall it was a pretty crappy off-season. If we can move Marion before next season that will leave us with about 22 million in cap space and hopefully Howard will choose not to re-sign with the Magic.

    PG - George Hill - 76
    SG - Delonte West - 76
    SF - Shawn Marion - 76
    PF - Dirk Nowitzki - 81
    C - Ian Mahinmi - 68

    C - Spencer Hawes - 70
    PF - Ekpe Udoh - 69
    SF - Mickael Pietrus - 69
    SF - Maurice Evans - 67
    PG - Goran Dragic - 67
    SG - Brandon Rush - 66
    PG - Jimmy Drew - 55

    SG - Dominique Jones - 66
    C - Dave Wright - 51
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  5. Bondzai

    Bondzai Your Mom's Best Friend

    Feb 10, 2009
    The big news out of Orlando is the guys that stayed. The Magic were able to hold on to all of their FAs including Dwight Howard, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper, Earl Clark and DeAndre Liggins.

    After that we obviously didn't have much cap room so we picked up a new backup PG in Ish Smith and a backup C in Eddy Curry. Unfortunately for Curry, Daniel Orton progressed enough to win the backup C job.
  6. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009
    The 76'ers are very happy with the 2012-2013 roster and we addressed a lot of needs. The first need was a starting Center. Not only did we draft C Jon Graham with the 7th overall pick, but we added Sheldon Williams via Free Agency. Graham will start at Center as a rookie, and is excellent in post defense and on the glass. In addition, we added a couple of scorers for our bench. Matt Carroll will see the majority of the scoring opportunities and is expected to pair with Lou Williams a lot. We also added 2 solid 3 point shooters in Steve Novak and Ray Brown.

    Starting 5:

    PG- Jrue Holiday. Jrue was sent to offseason camp to increase his perimeter shooting and becomes even more dangerous than he already was.

    SG- Evan Turner. Turner can play SG or SF and excels everywhere. He spent some time in training camp improving his defense.

    SF- Andres Igoudala. Although Iggy did not attend offseason camps, he is as good as ever.

    PF- Shelden Williams. Williams spent time in offseason improving his rebounding. I considered trying to improve his scoring, but think with the 1-3 spots and the bench, it was unnecessary. We hope he can score somewhat. His post defense is a bit soft in comparison to Elton Brand, but he will own the glass.

    C- Jon Graham. Graham was immediately sent to offseason camp to increase his post defense which was already solid. This guy is going to be a stopper in the lane with 80+ shot block. Add in his already polished rebounding skills, and he was a great pick.


    PG- Lou Williams- Louuuuuuuu

    SG- Matt Carroll, Ricky Lindsey, Ray Brown

    SF- Thaddeus Young- Can play PF as well and will see time at both

    PF- Elton Brand, Steve Novak, Reggie Evans (we just had to bring him back)

    C- Nikola Vucevic, Desagana Diop
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  7. ryalaman

    ryalaman Walk On

    Jul 21, 2010
    The Wizards had a quiet offseason compared to most (they already had 11 guys under contract coming into the offseason) but they made some minor moves that should really be helpful for a team that expects to make a deep playoff run this year. The first move they made was to re-sign PG Shelvin Mack to a 1 yr, 480k deal. He probably won't even make the bench for most of the season, but he's a very good (68 ovr) insurance policy if Wall or Eric Maynor gets hurt. They also matched an offer made to Marco Belinelli for 2 yr/4.5M. Getting back their bench scorer for just over 2 million a season was also something that Washington was excited about, as they thought his shooting ability would force them to make a tough decision on a 5M/yr type deal.

    As far as new additions, there were 2 for Washington. Dahntay Jones and Kenyon Martin were picked up very cheaply on 1 year deals (that combined cost about half of my MLE) and they were 2 guys we targeted very early. The Wizards wanted to grab a few guys who could actually defend since most of the starting 5 has no idea how to do that, and with these 2 additions, the Wizards are now able to trot out a 2nd 5 who are all A rated defenders to put the clamps on if needed in a close game.

    Training camp was also a positive experience for Washington. 5 players were able to go to camp, and all of them saw good improvement. John Wall went to shooting camp, which brought his 3pt shot up to 80. Defenders having to respect his jumper could make Wall even more deadly in getting to the hole. Both JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche went to rebounding camp, and both of these guys are now rated over 90 in offensive rebounding. This Wizards team shot the ball at the 2nd highest clip in the league last year (behind only the Heat) but if they can start dominating the offensive glass and getting easy putbacks, then it may be almost impossible to stop them offensively. Chris Singleton went to perimeter defense camp and he will now be the go to defensive stopper for the Wiz, capable of guarding anywhere from the 1-4 very well. And finally, the Wizards made a dumb choice but it was made in the effort to be even more fun to watch, by sending Nick Young to shooting camp. He's a shitty defender and logic says he shouldve worked on that, but Washington instead chose to make him a 96 mid/90 3pt shooter and he'll bury 150% of open looks he gets this year.

    PG- John Wall 88 OVR
    SG- Nick Young 77 OVR
    SF- Rashard Lewis 74 ovr
    PF- Andray Blatche 76 OVR
    C- JaVale McGee 78 OVR

    SG Marco Belinelli 68 OVR
    PF Kenyon Martin 75 OVR
    SG Dahntay Jones 71 OVR
    PF Trevor Booker 71 OVR
    SF Chris Singleton 70 OVR
    PG Eric Maynor 69 OVR
    PG Shelvin Mack 68 OVR
    SF Jan Vesely 68 OVR
    C Joel Pryzbilla 63 OVR
    PF Kevin Seraphin 60 OVR
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  8. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    For Memphis, the offseason was considered to be a HUGE success as soon as rookie PG Terrance Owens slid to the #4 pick. GM Dru has already indicated that Terrance will start at the point from day 1, and all expectations are that Mike Conley will be traded soon. Free agency was more about keeping our own, as restricted free agents OJ Mayo, Maurice Speights and Darrell Arthur were all retained and SF Sam Young elected to sign a 1 year veteran minimum offer to stay in a Grizzly uniform. In addition, we used the MLE to pick up a few solid players - PG/SG Kirk Hinrich, SF Chandler Parsons and PF John Leuer.

    The teams lineup shapes up as follows for the 2012-2013 season:

    PG - Terrance Owens - 81 OVR
    SG - OJ Mayo - 82 OVR
    SF - Rudy Gay - 89 OVR
    PF - Zach Randolph - 83 OVR
    C - Marc Gasol - 77 OVR

    Bench (for now)
    PG - Mike Conley - 79 OVR
    PG/SG - Kirk Hinrich - 70 OVR
    PG - Luke Ridnour - 65 OVR
    SF - Sam Young - 70 OVR
    SF - Chandler Parsons - 70 OVR
    PF/C - Maurice Speights - 74 OVR
    PF - Darrell Arthur - 72 OVR
    PF/C - John Leuer - 64 OVR
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    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    Phoenix didn't really do anything at all. I got jipped on the 15 pick when the cpu picked some euro instead of the guy I wanted and I swapped out Channing Frye for DJ White. Not very exciting.

    However, my overall depth is much improved this year after huge ratings boosts for both R. Lopez and Telfair. Matter of fact our opening day lineup shold look like this:

    Redd /Dudley

    Maybe adding the extra size at the 4 will help our rebounding woes and lead to more second chance points. I have hopes of a top 6 seed by years end. I just hope we can stay consistent.
  10. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Pretty uneventful for the Bulls. We tried to match the offer for Hill, but apparently it wasn't meant to be and he left for Dallas. So with his departure, we signed Mike Bibby to the vet's minimum. We were also able to add Aaron Gray as a 3rd C for a small price in case the rookie doesn't work out so well... Other than that we were fairly quiet. Losing Hill hurts though, hopefully Bibby can come in and be a fairly productive scorer to replace Hill's spark off the bench. Rose will definitely be seeing a bump in minutes this season.

    My starting lineup should be about the same, with Brewer replacing Rip to start the season:
    Boozer/Gibson will be seeing about equal minutes
  11. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Detroitttttttt Basketballlll.... is looking to repeat its cinderella performance last season, though this year they wont be sneaking up on anybody and the east is alot tougher.The Rookie of the Year and Defending Coach of The Year will be looking to keep the success going though. Their goals for the offseason were:

    "Resign Goudelock or Secure another PG"
    "Shore up the backup SF position"
    "Grab another big to replace Ben Wallace"

    The Draft was kind of a let down, they were hoping to grab C Alex Drummond at 26 but an intern turned in the wrong card to Commissoner Stern and they drafted some other kid, both were promptly sent packing never to be seen in the basketball world again. No 2nd round pick meant extra time to gear up for free agency. Day 1 we offered Joey Graham and Ish Smith. Graham accepted his 2 year 4.13 Million dollar deal and Smith was about to sign as well but we pulled the offer and decided to bring back Andrew Goudelock since we were a little more familiar with him and he knew the system. He signed on for 1 year 1.56 Million. Bam 2 goals taken care of on Day 1, packing things up here would have been a success for us. We still needed a big though and decided to extend an offer to Reality Star Lamar Odom. He accepted a 1 year 4 Mil deal and we are hoping he can return to his former self with a fresh start in a city of his choosing. We like his versatility and he will most likely push Tayshaun for the starting 3 spot and will see time at the 4 as well behind Maxiell. Our next target was veteran PG Andre Miller, we grabbed him for 1 year 618k. Most likely he will be a reserve in case one of our guards goes down during the season, but he will provide some locker room leadership and we feel comfortable bringing him in at anytime. Our final target was C Mehmet Okur, we grabbed this big guy for 1 year 1.11 Mil. He can stretch the floor for us and is an adequate rebounder, he will see some solid playing time most likely. Management is excited about the moves it made and feels it can go 12 guys deep in its rotation every single night.

    Heres a look at our projected Line up for next season.

    PG - Brandon "Dark" Knight
    SG- Ben Gordon
    SF- Tayshaun Prince/Lamar Odom
    PF- Jason Maxiell
    C- Greg Monroe

    Sixth Man - Lamar Odom/Jason Richardson
    Role Players- Josh McRoberts, Joey Graham, Austin Daye, Andrew Goudelock, Mehmet Okur
  12. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Lamar is a nice player in 2k Bucs. You'll like him.
  13. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    hope so, i havent got a chance to use him that much in 2k12 but im optimistic.
  14. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    Can someone give me a rough estimation of how I did cause I don't know and I want to put something in my writeup...
  15. ZCar352

    ZCar352 Keep Pounding...Go Panthers!!!

    Aug 26, 2010
    Charlotte Bobcats Off-Season Recap
    After a dismal 19-39 season the Charlotte Bobcats knew they were going to have a top 4 pick and were very shocked to see that we ended up with the #1 pick. Charlotte was in talks with Houston about a trade involving the 1st pick but nothing ever finalized and the Bobcats draft 6'9 PF Garry Randle out of Colorado State and it looked like the end for David Lee in Charlotte but with FA looming he was safe for now.​
    When Free Agency started the Bobcats had Jeremy Tyler resign which was huge and then after Charlotte matched an offer for DJ Augustine he would also return. Charlotte then set there eyes on OJ Mayo but after 3-4 days he rejected the Bobcats offer but during the 3-4 days it took OJ to decide Charlotte was still hard at work in free agency as they offered Greg Oden a nice deal 4 years 50.61 Mil and a player option and he decided to decline Portlands matching offer and sign with Charlotte. After a small celebration for finally having a legit center the Bobcats front office went back at it and tried to get Al-Farouq Aminu to sign with Charlotte to add some depth to the SF position but he declined after mulling over his options. In the last few days Charlotte looked through all the positions and decided to offer a 2 year 2.20 Mil contract to Jeremy Lin which he gladly accepted and he will be a nice addition size wise at the point guard position.​
    It was a really good offseason for Charlotte as they drafted well and couldn't have asked for a better free agency period but with that there is always room for improvement and GM Zac Carder has wasted no time as he has contacted the Hawks about a deal that will send David Lee to Atlanta for Gerald Wallace to give Charlotte a great wing player and bring back the force GGGGGGGerald Wallace Wallace Walllace to Charlotte.​
    Projected Lineup (Pre-Trade)
    PG Kemba "Sky"Walker​
    SG Wesley Mathews​
    SF Dorell Wright​
    PF David Lee​
    C Greg Oden​
    6th Man DJ Augustine/Garry Randle​
    Bench: Jeremy Lin, Gerald Henderson, Reggie Williams, Jeremy Tyler, Bismack Biyombo​
    Reserves: Byron Mullens, Tommy Floyd​
    LETS GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!
  16. SuperBowlNachos

    SuperBowlNachos Walk On

    Jul 1, 2010
    You still have CP3

  17. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    Well yea, but other than that, lol.
  18. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009
    Oklahoma City -

    With GM Sam Presti and Scott Brooks catching up on re-runs of House and Big Time Rush, the Oklahoma City Thunder plodded along in Free Agency and the draft. With the #28 pick in the 1st round the Thunder selected project (bitch) power forward Alexander Lewis. At a solid 7'0 tall, Lewis will be primarily a practice player for the next season or two until he develops a better all-around game. With time though, he could become a very effective rebounder and defender.

    In free agency, the only move made was to resign Nazr Mohammed to a small deal. With his A- rebounding ability, Mohammed can come off the bench for a few minutes a game and provide some help. In training camp, Russell Westbrook went to work on perimeter shooting. Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins both went to Big Man Offense Camp. Their post moves both went from 60s to 80s. This should definetly help the Thunder offense. Reggie jackson headed off to Combo Guard camp and improved dramatically, solidifying his status as 6th man.

    That all said, if anything the Thunder may have gotten a little worse, as their overall lack of depth on the bench will hurt them against the deeper teams such as Memphis and Portland in the West, and the entirety of the Eastern Conference.

    Otherwise, things will remain much the same in the 12-13 season.

    Projected Lineup

    PG - Westbrook
    SG - Harden
    SF - Durant
    PF - Ibaka
    C - Perkins

    6th man - Reggie Jackson

    Bench - Cook, Sefalosha, Aldrich, Turiaf, Collison, Heyward, Mohammed, Lewis
  19. SuperBowlNachos

    SuperBowlNachos Walk On

    Jul 1, 2010
    I'll trade you my starting PG, SG, SF and C for Durant if you are wanting depth.
  20. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    Los Angeles Clippers

    The Clippers thought for sure that their team was going to get a lot worse. CP3 was supposed to leave no matter what and rookie GM Matrix Monkey had never even attended an NBA Draft or Offseason before. The draft was a bit of a disappointment as all of the teams coveted prospects came of the board before the 15th pick and they picked 19th. They did well enough to land Kenneth Horseley with their first pick though, he's an ok PF with some average inside shooting and rebounding skills, he also has a 98 consistency rating which is pretty impressive for a rookie. With their second pick in the draft they decided on Barney Lampley, a PF/SF tweener, since the team needed more big men and how could you pass up a big african american dude named Barney.

    Rookie GM Matrix Monkey was so bad at his job that he even failed to create a free agent priority list as he was unaware that there would be no viewable list before FA kicked off. Luckily, about a half hour before FA opened he found a way to find upcoming FAs through the player finder and was able to build a rough list of targets. Number one on that list was C Dwight Howard who was probably #1 on every team's list. The Clippers had plenty of cap room with the supposed departure of CP3 so they were prepared to offer as much as possible to pair him with Blake Griffin in what would have been a dominant duo in the paint.

    It appeared Matrix wasn't the only one caught of guard when FA opened and Howard wasn't on the FA list. He panicked a bit on the first day of FA and offered some deals he shouldn't have, most notably a 3yr/$16.33m deal to Jerod Bayless who was the Clippers #2 target in FA and was going to be the heir apparent at PG to CP3. It wasn't till after he accepted the deal that he realized he still had CP3 (d'oh). The backup plan if they were unable to land Howard was Spencer Hawes, but he ended up going to the Mavs possibly because the Clippers were over the cap. Third on the list of targets for the Clippers was Alonzo Gee, shockingly nothing went wrong here as the Clippers really needed a player like to Gee to make up for the loss of defense and perimeter shooting after Chauncey Billups decided to retire. They may have overpayed but Gee is only 25 and has room to grow. Their last primary target was Kenyon Martin but he decided on a shorter deal for less money with the Wizards.

    After missing out on Howard, Hawes, and Martin they opted to resign Trey Thompkins and probably overpayed trying to bring back their young former PF. Tompkins and rookie PF Kenneth Horseley will both be tested out as the #2 C unless the Clippers are able to trade for a backup big man.

    During offseason training camp Blake Griffin was sent to Big Man Defense school as he was getting backed down in the low post too easily for someone his size. DeAndre Jordan also attended school with Griffin and now has a 99 block rating, look out. CP3 was sent to perimeter shooting camp to shore up his 3 point shot. Someone else was sent somewhere but I forget.

    Overall the team held pretty steady and only dropped 3 spots in defensive ranking. The Clippers are probably going to need another star player to get deeper in the playoffs but after screwing up their cap space a bit its not going to happen. Thankfully there is plenty of hard cap space to resign Griffin sometime this season and every other key player is signed till at least 2013.

    Projected Lineup:

    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Alonzo Gee
    SF: Caron Butler
    PF: Blake Griffin
    C: DeAndre Jordan

    Sixth Man: Jerod Bayless/Randy Foye
    Roleplayers: Travis Leslie (solid D and sweet dunks), Ryan Gomes (3pt)
  21. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    The Raptors made the playoffs for the first time in recent memory.. And they pushed the eventually champs to 6 games in their opening round playoff series. While they don't want to dwell on that game 4 collapse at home.. The fans wanted more... So this offseason armed with about 13 million in cap room the raptors set out to acquire a big time free agent. While their initial sights were sets on Michael Beasley... The Raptors also saw Timberwolves Anthony Randolph... Once the free agency began we offered both Randolph and beasley the same deal... Randolph accepted immediately Beasley didn't... So the decision became simple take a young talented big man.. Or a moody one dimesional scorer... We took the young big guy in Randolph. Also the Raptors resigned Tyler Honeycutt last years 2nd team all nba rookie team member averaged around 11 points a night coming off the bench... The Raptors are hoping for more this season from him...The Raptors also signed Bill Walker away from the Knciks and grabbed their point guard of the future in Josh Selby...

    Projected Starting Lineup
    PG - Jose Calderon
    SG - Demar Derozan
    SF - Tyler Honeycutt
    PF - Andrea Bargnani
    C - Anthony Randolph
    Bench - Bill Walker, Josh Selby,Gary Forbes,Jason Thompson,Ed Davis

    The Raptors are hoping to make a deeper in the playoffs...
  22. ryalaman

    ryalaman Walk On

    Jul 21, 2010
    So many great stories about Selby from Bmore. I think he got arrested once in College Park too. Its a good thing this game doesn't have a risk of going to jail for being a certified trapper.
  23. sonn

    sonn Walk On

    May 22, 2011
    Indiana Pacers​
    The Pacers were banking on Chris Paul or Dwight Howard making it to free agency as the team had almost 30 million in cap room following last year's trade of fan favourite Danny Granger. Team officials were saddened to find out that either star would be available as both choose to resign with their original teams. The Pacers quickly moved onto secondary targets inking SG/SF Landry Fields to 2 year $7.29 million dollar deal and PF Ersan Ilyasova to a 3 year contract worth $12.11 million. Both would be penciled in as starters. In the frenzy of free agency someone in the front office mistakenly faxed Gilbert Arenas a 1 year $8.43 million and he quickly accepted before the team could pull the offer. The Pacers also signed a trio of veteran small forwards led by last year's leading 3 point shooter Carlos Delfino. PF Tyler Hansbrough returned on a 1 year deal after he couldn't find any suitors in free agency. Rounding out the roster are PG Mo Williams and C Kwame Brown. ​
    Starting 5​
    PG - Darren Collison​
    SG - Landry Fields​
    SF - Paul George​
    PF - Ersan Ilyasova​
    C - Joakim Noah​

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