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Z2H Insider (S5)

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by Sabo, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Sabo

    Sabo Z2H Commish

    Feb 13, 2010
    Welcome to the Z2H Insider
    I will use this area to go through the goings on here in Z2H
    Although this is coming late into the season I plan on doing this throughout the season from here on out.
    Lets get things kicked off here with the current BCS Picture
    #1 - Auburn
    #3 - Ohio State
    #4 - Alabama
    #6 - Notre Dame
    #7 - Iowa
    #9 - South Carolina
    #10 - Michigan
    #13 - Oregon
    #19 - Tennessee
    #20 - Florida
    #23 - UCLA
    There are alot of huge match ups in the closing weeks of this season as well as big games in the conference championships. While there are several scenarios that could play out what is still a fact is that in college football ANYTHING can happen.
    Conference Outlooks
    Big 10
    #1 - Wisconsin (9-1) (5-1)
    #2 - Ohio State (9-1) (5-1)
    #1 - Iowa (9-2) (6-1)
    #2 - Michigan (9-2) (5-1)
    Big 10 Outlook
    While it appears that Wisconsin could have the Leaders division locked down there is still alot that can happen. Iowa looks to be in command of Legends division.
    Iowa vs. Wisconsin
    PAC 12
    #1 - Oregon (7-3) (6-1)
    #2 - Cal (8-3) (6-2)
    #1 - USC (8-3) (6-2)
    #2 - UCLA (7-3) (5-2)
    PAC 12 Outlook
    There is no clear leader in any division of the PAC 12. While Oregon leads the North they have shown that thier gameplay from week to week can be questionable. In the South USC and UCLA look to be on a collision course to determine the South champion.
    Cal vs. UCLA
    #1 - South Carolina (9-1) (7-1)
    #2 - Tennessee (6-4) (5-2)
    #1 - Auburn (10-0) (7-0)
    #2 - Alabama (9-1) (7-0)
    SEC Outlook
    The SEC East division looks to be represented by the South Carolina Gamecocks. Although the Gamecocks had a slip up week 12 they still appear to be in the right spot for a Georgia Dome trip. Out in the wild wild SEC West the Auburn Tigers are sitting at the top spot and #1 in the nation. However there is a huge test ahead when they take on their arch rival Alabama in the Iron Bowl.
    South Carolina vs. Auburn
    This concludes this edition of the Z2H Insider. I hope you all enjoyed.

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  2. ChaoticUT

    ChaoticUT Life is Orange and White!

    Jul 19, 2010
    Great work on this Sabo!

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