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Z2H NCAA-14 Conference Edition - League Rules

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by uagrad90, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. uagrad90

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    Oct 25, 2010

    Dynasty Description
    The Z2H dynasty was founded at the release of NCAA Football 11. Commisioner Sabo created Zeroes to Heroes as a rebuilding dynasty focused at proving your worth as a coach. The focus of the dynasty was to start with a small prestige school 2* or below and work your way into the bigger programs by completing a contract that you sign at the beginning of your coaching career. For NCAA 14 Z2H returns for yet another release cycle under the leadership of HAL9100 but this year we're mixing it up from previous years. In the past our focus has been about rising either as a coach or as a program from the bottom of barrel to the top, but not this year. This year the focus is to work together as one conference and take that conference from the bottom to the top of all conferences. To do this, we have selected the Mountain West Conference. The MWC has 12 teams to make it a full league of users with no cpu competition inside the conference.

    Z2H is home to some of the most skilled and active members of TraditionFootball. Z2H is also one of the most active advancing dynasties here at TraditionFootball. We believe that our high forum activity as well as our fast advance pace sets us apart from other dynasties.

    The Board
    In order to assist in oversight of the dynasty, Hal9100 has put together a board of established Z2H members. To be clear, the board nor the commissioner are exempt from any of these rules and are also under the microscope for any rule violations. In addition, members not on the board may notice rule violations that are not noticed by the board. In the event that a board member commits a violation that goes unpunished or the board overlooks a violation, please open a single personal message thread containing all current members of the board and the commissioner outlining the violation to be investigated.

    Z2H Board Members
    1. Hal9100-Commish
    2. uagrad90
    Sliders and Settings
    Sliders for the NCAA 14 Dynasty will be determined at a later date, and will be adjusted as needed based.

    Advance Schedule
    Our advance policy at Z2H is as follows: In the past each user had only 24 hours to play his User vs. CPU game. User vs. User games are given up to 48 hours. This year with the 1 Conference approach with all 12 users the advance schedule will be set at 48 hours. Obviously, if all User games are finished before 48 hours are up we will advance early.

    Missing Games
    It is every coaches responsibility to ensure their weekly tasks are complete in a timely manner. This includes games and also recruiting. The responsibility of communicating a potential advance miss or request for more time shall be the responsibility of the coach.

    Things to remember:
    If you are going to be late communicate with either the commish or a board member or all of the above. If you think your going to be cutting the time line close give us a heads up. We all can work together to help each other out in case of emergencies etc. All we ask is you communicate. We all have cell phones for text, aim blast group, and the forums. There is no reason for any lack of communication. Failure to complete your weekly tasks and not staying in contact with the Board and or league could result in sanctions handed down to that user.

    Forum Content
    Additional content and forum activity is essential to our success as a dynasty and is a major reason why we were selected to be a premier dynasty. However, the only mandatory content from each user is that a weekly game recap is posted in the proper thread. Summaries do not need to be extremely detailed but more involved summaries are definitely encouraged. Content should not be an issue. In the event that your forum activity is not where it should be, you will be contacted by the commissioner and the board. If a solution cannot be found, you may face removal from the dynasty.
    Forum interaction between coaches is essential. The majority of our dynasty’s content is voluntary and natural, and we all understand that is is critical to our success. Failure to submit your game recaps or participate in forum content without contacting the Board could result in sanctions handed down to that user.

    Media Day Preseason Posts
    Each user is required to post in the media day preseason post. This post will include information about the users school. Users should post the required information in a timely manner once the relevant thread is opened. If you need more time to calculate scholarship numbers and prestige levels for whatever reason (away from home, etc.), simply post your playbooks and edit the post as soon as possible to include all necessary information. Failure to submit your preseason posts without contacting the Board could result in sanctions handed down to that user.

    Custom Playbooks
    Users are free to develop their own custom playbooks as they wish. However, they must have a common scheme to them. Also, there should be play variety in them.

    Game Plan Settings
    Users are free to use the (Balanced or Conservative) game plan settings during a game. The use of aggressive game plan settings will not be used during any game. Failure to properly use the game plan settings could result in sanctions handed down to that user and the ability to use the game plan settings removed from that user.

    No-Huddle Offense
    No-Huddle is allowed but shall be ran correctly. You must huddle after any clock stoppage, including incompletions. Users must commit to running the No-Huddle prior to the season when reporting playbooks and must distinguish between two types of No-Huddle:

    * Full No-Huddle: The offense’s typical pace is aggressive without huddling. The No-Huddle must be run a majority of the game, unless there is a blowout.
    * Partial No-Huddle: The offense typically huddles but is permitted to run a No-Huddle look 2-3 times per game to change the tempo.

    No crazy package changes are allowed when running No-Huddle, i.e. Going from a 4 WR set to an Ace set where you would have WRs playing TE. You must stay within the personnel that's on the field. Before snapping the ball in the No-Huddle offense, BE RESPECTFUL to the other team and allow them to get set on the field. If you see a player is still trying to line up properly, be responsible and give him an extra second to get set. Obviously if you’re in a scenario before a half/game ends and are running out of time, things will be more urgent, and the opposing user should understand that.

    The No-Huddle may also be run by any user at any time inside the two minute mark in the second and fourth quarters. If a user is down 17 points or more in the second half of a game, he is permitted to put his offense in a No-Huddle tempo in an attempt to get back in the game or to try to spark his offense. Rules for this are detailed in the TSO general rules. Failure to properly run the No-Huddle Offense could result in sanctions handed down to that user and the ability to run the No-Huddle Offense removed from that user.

    Scholarship Allotments
    Note: Scholarships must be reported by each user at the start of every season.

    Recruiting Restrictions

    User vs. User Disconnects
    Disconnects happen for various reasons in user games. In the event of a disconnect, users should note the score, time remaining, estimated field position, and team with possession (as well as team to posses the ball at half, if necessary). Users should then work together to get the restarted game as close to the original situation as possible and continue from there. If this is not possible for whatever reason, users should work together to reach a solution. If a solution cannot be reached, users should then get in touch with the commissioner to mediate the situation.

    User vs. CPU Restarts
    Restarts shouldn’t happen often, but we all know that there are times when they do. Regardless of the reason for the restart, the commissioner should be contacted. If the commissioner cannot be immediately contacted, a board member should be contacted. Only after the restart has been approved can the game be replayed. It is YOUR responsibility to get your restart approved. Failure to contact the Board before restarting could result in sanctions handed down to that user.

    Blowout Policy
    Blowouts happen, both against users and the computer. However, blowouts need to be managed mercifully. Issues occur not with the fact that you’re scoring but how and when you are doing it. There comes a point in blowouts where the game is no longer about winning but about doing everything within your power to end the game as quickly as you can while scoring as little as possible. The following rules and restrictions are meant to help you manage blowouts effectively and to prevent our dynasty from being viewed negatively for our play. Penalties are harsh and will be enforced, as this is a very serious matter. Failure to properly manage your blowout games could result in sanctions handed down to that user.

    * At no point should any team score over 70 points (unless, of course, you must in order to win the game). Any game where a user is remotely close to exceeding 70 points will be closely investigated.
    * Scoring inside of 1:30 in the fourth quarter is largely unacceptable. Get a first down, and take three knees. End the game as soon as you can.
    * Backups should be in. Mass Subs should be utilized. If you are up 24+ points in the second half, there is no excuse for your starters to be in. Get your other guys experience and protect your starters from injury; it’s in your best interests. Mass subs may not be an option in user games. You are expected to quickly take out key skill-position players via depth chart substitutions. Try to be quick; we’ve all been on the other side of a blowout, and a pause is only going to make it worse.
    * Passing with backups is acceptable and expected. However, backups shouldn’t be throwing double-digit passes. If you want to get a backup QB valuable time, bring him in in the first half. You should be predominantly a running team when the game is out of control.
    * Chew Clock should be utilized as much as possible. Again, end the game as soon as you can.
    Managing blowouts in user games is especially important to the health of our league. Be merciful. You don’t need to allow your opponent back into the game, but you need to be responsible and sportsmanlike in your victory. Do everything in your power to end the game. We don’t anyone developing any hard feelings towards another user in the dynasty.

    Swaying Players
    Users will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft. Users will be allowed to sway players looing to transfer to other teams.
    * Any player wrongfully swayed must be cut from the roster. In the event that he is not cut, he must sit out the following season.

    Position Changes
    These restrictions only apply when changing positions. Position changes will be monitored by the board.
    Pos Notes
    QB: No Restrictions
    RB: No Restrictions
    FB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 210 lbs
    Speed restriction < 90
    WR: No restrictions
    TE: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 210 lbs
    Speed restriction < 90
    OL: No restrictions
    DT: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 255 lbs
    DE: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 210 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 90
    OLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 200 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 92
    MLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 205 lbs
    Speed restriction < 92
    DB: No restrictions
    Returner: No restrictions

    Cutting Players
    No team may cut its roster to fewer than 67 players. Player cuts will be monitored by the board.
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