1. If you haven't seen already, TSO is now powered by Discord! This means that we will eventually be disbanding the embedded chat on the main forum page. Head to this page to learn more on how to integrate your TSO account with discord! https://traditionsportsonline.com/wiki/discord-integration/

Discord Integration

Aug 2, 2017
Discord Integration
  • TSO is now fully integrated with Discord. This is the chat program we will be moving forward with and will be the center of how we integrate TSO with outside platforms. It also in itself provides a lot of functionality that we haven't had before in 3rd party "chat" programs. I'm excited about what this will mean for the community:

    1) Discord gives us a truly integrated community chat platform
    • Our streams, podcasts and live casts will have integration between twitch and discord
    • People can now register on TSO via discord
    • Our usergroups on the site now match the discord server (e.g. if you are a moderator on the site, it auto-promotes you to moderator in the discord server).
    • There is a forced username/alias matching between TSO and discord. Have a hard time keeping track of who someone is in your league chat and on TSO? Yeah, me too, this fixes that.
    • The biggest benefit this integration provides is that it will allow us to only show the users authorized channels in the discord server. This is important for scale as well, as more leagues and channels are added, the discord server stays clean.

    What will happen with the chatbox on TSO?
    Eventually we will phase it out or re-purpose it. It's resource heavy and ultimately I want to focus conversation in other places.

    2) Discord has a full mobile app that allows leagues to stay connected so much more easily
    • This solves one of the biggest legacy issues with leagues on TSO in that GroupMe, slack, etc have always made leagues easier to manage due to the mobile apps, but ultimately detracted from the overall community and the site.
    • I've integrated webhook and bot functionality into the site that essentially builds a bridge between the forums and the discord server. I'm excited to improve this to see what we can create as a community. As an example, this thread and other announcements like it will appear in the discord chat like below.

    3) Setting this all up is really easy:

    1) Sign into TSO
    2) Go to your External Accounts Control Panel and associate your discord account
    3) Confirm the authorization pop-up
    4) Head on over to our discord server (You can also access with the new updated chat tab at the top that shows how many members are active)
    - If you join the discord and your name isn't a faint gold (that means the sync happened correctly), give the server about 15 minutes to catch up and if it still hasn't changed, then leave the server and try the steps above again.


    Let me know what you guys think and obviously reach out to me if you have any questions.
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