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Tradition Sports Online - Wiki

Oct 4, 2014
Tradition Sports Online - Wiki
  • Welcome to the Tradition Sports Online Wiki.

    A wiki is just a fancy name for a place to organize information. In the past, TSO has utilized a variety of ways to organize our league information and league history. If you have questions about something on the site, a question about a league, or just want to look at our league history, this is a good place to start.

    History of TSO(top)

    Formed for the remnants of what was once a PC Madden league, The Tradition was founded by Rynoaid in an attempt to organize a league of old friends utilizing the brand new online dynasty feature in NCAA 2009. The league was hosted on maddenmania.net and featured plenty of now long time TSO members such as JMS493, Hellisan, Bruce80, BlyGilmore, JFoshe and MRamirez. The Tradition was extremely organized for such an infant league and it had to do with the group's collective experience in participating in previous organized leagues. Most of the core members of The Tradition have been battling it our for close to 9 years! Although generic and vague, The Tradition was the first NCAA online dynasty with pre-made rules regarding sim-style gameplay that also outlined the conduct expected of each member of the league.

    After approaching Rynoaid, Drifterbub set out to create an identical league modeled after The Tradition. This league came to be known as The Deuce. Both leagues set the standard for league activity and the waiting lists for both were growing rapidly. Conspiring together, Rynoaid and Drifterbub opened up four more leagues (still keeping the same model). The manual updating of the then free website front ends for each leagues became very labor intensive and the decision was made to create a separate website to host our leagues, thus TraditionFootball.com was born in February of 2009.

    Over the years we have changed servers, hosts and forum software to morph into what you see today. It really is a result of the strength and value of the community. The site has been fortunate to keep adding guys who want to contribute and continue to make improvements. The growth has been tremendous and it doesn't appear to be slowing anytime soon.

    General Site Information(top)

    We play sim-style sports here, we don't glitch, cheese, cheat or disrespect our opponents. If winning is your biggest priority, leave now. If being an ass to everyone is part of your personality, leave now. If your here to just play your games and not participate in the forums and community, leave now. It will not take us long to find you and weed you out. We've been doing this A LONG TIME, and the community really makes it easy to purge the people who don't fit.

    We want to create an environment of friends first who take the game back to the way it is suppose to be played, like your on the couch with a buddy battling it out. The only way to do that is to take an active role in your community. You will be a lot less tempted to abuse any aspect of gameplay if you feel like you might be disrespecting someone you have gotten to know. That's just a fact.


    Here at TSO, we currently have two levels of membership; free and premier. Free memberships are earned once your new member application has been approved. Premier subscriptions are available for purchase through the control panel in your forum account. The ameneities of both levels of membership are outlined below:

    Free No-Cost Membership(top)

    1. Access to post in the general forums.

    2. Access to join Tradition Sports Online supported non-premier level leagues.

    3. Private messaging inbox 50 message limit

    Annual Premier Membership: $12 – Must renew yearly(top)

    1. Access to 1 premier league spot per software title based on availabilty(IE: one NCAA spot, one Madden spot etc..)

    2. Access to the premier level forums.

    3. Access to participate in Tradition Football Tournaments held during launch week.

    4. Custom league signature for your premier league teams

    5. Tradition Ranking system access

    6. Access to Premier Member Chat Box

    7. Image hosting (unlimited for now)

    8. Increase in private messaging inbox to 200 messages.

    We will have a sponsorship forum for individuals who can’t afford the $12 for the year, where other TSO members can sponser these guys for the year by paying thier membership. I would expect that sponsorships would be given based on that persons history and activity at Tradtion Sports Online. Please don’t be offended if nobody sponsors you… this is a should be used as a last ditch effort to help those who are extremely financially challenged.

    Also, commish’s of Premier Leagues will have there membership fee’s waved for as long as they are in good standing and their league is in compliance with Premier requirements during the year.

    We are working on an official “Terms of Service” document that will basically outline the additional benefits and expectations of Premier members.

    How to Upgrade to a Premier Membership (top)

    1. Simply Hover over your name at the top of the forum page on the right side of the menu bar.

    2. Scroll down to 'Account Upgrades.'

    3. Select 'Annual Premier Membership' and continue the transaction through paypal.

    4. Enjoy your premier benefits and thanks for helping support TSO!!!

    Site Rules(top)

    Please go HERE to read our Rules and Guidelines

    League Structure: Premier Leagues(top)

    As the community grows and we add more and more qualified league members, we will need to expand the number of premier leagues accordingly. However, this isn't a simple equation of supply and demand. Leagues will be elevated to the premier level at the discretion of the management after certain criteria is met. League activity, leadership, content, member base, setup, organization and history are just a few things that are considered. We are developing an application process for leagues to apply for premier status so that we can have leagues in waiting, ready to relegate if the need arises.

    The premise behind the creation of premier leagues was to develop a 'two-tier' system that accomplishes a few things:

    * Reward dedicated members
    * Develop a placement system for new members
    * Encourage people to actively participate and meet league requirements by providing incentives
    * Create an environment for new members to play with veterans and increase the continuity of our league as a whole

    Spots in premier leagues are only to be awarded to active, proven members who have contributed to help make this community what it is. This idea first came about when we realized the huge difference in activity, participation, content and general league involvement when all twelve members were able to devote priority and the majority of their attention to one league. We also noticed that most members in these leagues generally had little to no interest in being involved with other leagues as the current league they were in was so active and deep that it provided more of an experience than they had time for. These were the same people who once needed to be in three or four leagues to acheive the same level of activity. Annual memberships are restricted to one spot in one premier league per title. Foundation and lifetime members can be in a maximum of two leagues per title with approval of management.

    A large advantage to this system from a management perspective was the ability to allocate resources where they needed to be, with established and extremely active leagues. It provided a model for new leagues to be structured under. We form every league here at TSO with the idea that one day that league will be a premier league. If you notice, most of the new leagues we form have experienced commissioners and typically one or two veterans of the site mixed in with the majority being new members. This is something we do intentionally to help solidify newly formed leagues and give the new members an example on how to conduct themselves within the community.

    It should be pointed out that just because you pay the $12 subscription to become a premier member, doesn't guarantee you a spot in a premier league. Although, you will have all the perks of upgrading to premier subscriptions, roster spots in premier leagues still have to be earned. We encourage everyone to play in the non-premier level leagues in order to prove yourself not only as a worthy league-mate, but as an active contributor to the community as a whole.

    The benefits available to a premier league are as follows:

    1. Premier Leagues are included on the front page scroll bar on the website.

    2. Access to post league news and updates directly to the homepage.

    3. Access to veteran, premier members for recruiting purposes.

    4. Receive league wide custom sigs.

    5. Able to participate in the Tradition Football Rankings system.


    How do I embed google documents into my posts?(top)

    A: You can embed google documents into your posts by doing the following:​

    1. Save it.
    2. Click the share button in the upper right.
    3. Select 'Publish as web page'
    4. Get link it generates.
    5. Use the Media button in the editor here and paste in the link (i.e. https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub...ewdGFrTzd3empSdnZJUEFROXItdmdhR3c&output=html).​

    If the link it generates has a 0,1 or 2 after //spreadsheets , be sure to remove it when you paste the link in order for the document to embed properly.​

    How do I tag a member in my post?(top)

    A: Just place an '@' symbol before their forum name in your post.

    How do I create a table in my post(top)

    A: Follow the template below:

    Row1| A | B
    Row2| C | D [/table]

    How do I embed a twitter feed into my post?(top)

    A: Just use the Media Button in the editor and paste the link to the twitter account. So the code below would embed my twitter feed: